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Erika Yaegaki

A self-described eccentric misanthrope

She can be abrasive, but this is just one of her ways of erecting a wall between herself and others. Generally, she likes to be by herself, though she will speak to others to tease them. The only person she opens up to is Suoh, her bookworm buddy with whom she shares literary recommendations. She's secretly worried that Suoh is hurting after Mayuri, her Amitié partner, quit in the spring.

Her hobbies are reading and searching for people's weaknesses.

Chidori Takasaki

An eccentric celebrity diva

Thought of as unapproachable since her emotions don't show on her face, she often causes unnecessary drama because of her tendency to ask questions about things she shouldn't. Before entering the academy, she was involved in the entertainment industry, predominantly theater, and so is one of the best in the school at ballet and singing. She is assigned as Erika's Amitié partner, but their mutual eccentricities lead to them often being at odds with one another.

Her hobbies are classical ballet and voice training.

Suoh Shirahane

A quiet, anxious, and timid girl

While her fundamental disposition hasn't changed, over the course of the spring she learned to open up to people. However, her heart has been freshly wounded after her Amitié partner Mayuri, the girl she was closest to, left without even saying goodbye. She still bears this sense of loss even as spring moves into summer, but acts to her friends like nothing is wrong. Since books and movies were her friends while growing up, she often quotes from them in conversation.

Her hobbies are literature, music, and movies, and she is a member of the cooking club.

Rikka Hanabishi

A gentle, thoughtful, and serious girl

As the class president, she was trusted and adored by her classmates, but since Mayuri left she now has even more influence as the division in loyalties has unified around her. Suoh is her Amitié partner, and as class president she tries not to show her any special treatment, but she finds ways to involve herself in her and Erika’s business.

Her hobby is tea and collecting tea leaves, and she is a member of the choir.

Dalia Basquiat

A nun and teacher at Saint Angraecum Academy

She is a gentle and tolerant teacher, more like a laidback older sister than a mother. Well-versed in classical ballet, she teaches the academy's ballet lessons. Although she is concerned about Suoh, she has her hands full with taking care of the new transfer students and assisting Erika, and has been unable to offer her much support.

Her hobby is gardening.

Ichigo Sasaki

A troublemaker brimming with curiosity, with a name that means “strawberry"

During the spring she toned down her excessive pranks. However, rather than wanting to make mischief and shock people, her messing around is a form of communication, so she'll probably never cut it out completely. She was close with Mayuri and misses her, but has resolved not to bring it up out of consideration for her friend Suoh.

Her hobbies are trends and collecting frog ornaments. She is a member of the cooking club.

Ringo Sasaki

The lazy, laidback younger of the twin sisters, with a name that means “apple”

She's never proactive herself, although when it comes to ghost stories and tales of the supernatural she shows a different, more eager side. Unlike her bubbly sister, she generally enjoys being alone, but will often go along with her more reckless sister to back her up. She'll chat with Suoh and Erika due to a shared love of books, but since the incident with Mayuri she speaks to them less frequently out of awkwardness.

Her hobbies are reading and spooky stories. She is a member of the cooking club.

Nerine Komikado

A devout Catholic, virtuous and gentle, an all-around good-natured person

She loves to chat and always wants to be around people, but worries that her otherworldly beauty acts as a wall between her and others. As vice president of the Council of Nicaea she runs the committee along with her best friend Yuzuriha, but is privately considering how she will soon have to choose a successor.

Her hobbies are gathering ghost stories and eating while taking a stroll - she's a bottomless pit when it comes to sweets. She is a member of the choir and leads the sopranos.

Yuzuriha Yatsushiro

Dynamic and eccentric

Her words and actions are theatrical and she is prone to acting overly familiar, but it's impossible to dislike her, and she is very popular with the other students due to her kind and caring personality. As the president of the student organization the Council of Nicaea, she has a fervent fan base along with her vice-president Nerine. Having taken a liking to Suoh, she often seeks her out to tease her, but she has been showing restraint after Mayuri's disappearance.

Her hobbies are photography and watching sports. She is a member of the choir and the cooking club.

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