-Le volume sur printemps-

A new visual novel by Innocent Grey and JAST USA

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As spring warms into summer, so do friendships until they blossom into something more....

Surrounded by immense walls in the middle of a forest, lies the prestigious all-girls school, Saint Angraecum Academy. It's a school that prides itself on growing bright and cultured young women. The academy's special Amitié program is designed to help foster new friendships among students that will last a lifetime. This is why Suoh Shirahane, a painfully shy girl with a mysterious past, has enrolled. As her first year of high school begins, she is filled with hopes of a new life.

Follow Suoh as she navigates her new friendships and attempts to unravel the many mysteries at the academy, including occult rituals and the mysterious disappearance of fellow students. As spring warms into summer, so do friendships until they blossom into something more. Suoh's heart opens for the first time, but is it okay to like a girl?

Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- is a beautifully crafted story that pulls at the heart. The game's visual novel format has seven different endings along a branching storyline filled with mystery, drama and yuri romance. Featuing the stunning artwork from developer Innocent Grey, complete with an engrossing soundtrack.


Suoh Shirahane

A quiet, anxious girl whose timidness is only equalled by her beauty. Before coming to Saint Angraecum Academy, she lived a secluded life with her grandfather, who also took responsibility for her homeschooling. Over the years her desire to make friends her own grew until it gave her the courage to ask her grandfather permission to enter the academy. This desire to make friends is double that of most people, however, her demure is often misunderstood as being cold and aloof. When she does open up to others, she has a habit of quoting lines from her favorite books and movies, or blushing from social anxiety. Her Amitié partners are Mayuri Kohsaka and Rikka Hanabishi.

Flower: Chinese Redbud (Fabaceae Family)
Language of Flowers: Royal / Modest / Unfaithful / Suspicion / Awakenings

Rikka Hanabishi

Cherished for her thoughtfulness toward others, she stands at the heart of the class with Mayuri in terms of influence, but her academics and serious attitude granted her the position of class president. Along with her caring nature, she has an ability to make things happen and takes pride in handling all that is expected of her. She doesn't hesitate to scold others for their wrongdoings, yet is equally quick to forgive.

Flower: Golden Poppy (Papaveraceae family)
Language of Flowers: Please Fulfill My Wishes / Don't Reject Me

Mayuri Kohsaka

She is warm and social, and while she puts on the appearance of not caring about her academics, she's a hard worker who can achieve many surprising things when she puts her mind to it. It was her own wish to enter the academy, but that decision is rooted in woes. She can sometimes be too lighthearted, but takes extra care around her Amitie partners so as not to let her troubles be known.

Flower: Lily (Liliacease Family)
Language of Flowers: Dignity / Purity / Innocence / Splendor / Hasty

Ichigo Sasaki

A troublemaker brimming with curiosity, she naturally invites misunderstandings and trouble. She doesn't intentionally bring on disaster, but her sheltered life has made her quite naive. She entered the academy with her twin sister, Ringo, and overall is satisfied with all the novelty. She is cheery, so she speaks openly with the people around her, and gets along well with her classmates.

Flower: Strawberry (Rosaceae Family)
Language of Flowers: Respect and Love

Ringo Sasaki

She is viewed as the calm, relaxed opposite of her bubbly sister, Ichigo, but in truth she's equally lazy. She is as open as her sister once she feels comfortable, and will even show off her eccentric side to those she trusts, freely speaking her mind. Like Suoh, she has a love of books.

Flower: Apple (Rosaceae Family)
Language of Flowers: Fame / Chosen / Repute / Chosen Love

Yuzuriha Yatsushiro

Though her words and actions are theatrical, her position as the president of the Council of Nicaea gives her a kind of dignity. She is well trusted by all students at the academy. She is childhood friends with Nerine Komikado, the vice president of the Council of Nicaea, whom she affectionately calls Neri. Although she belongs to the cooking club, she is terrible at cooking.

Flower: Daphniphyllum (Daphniphyllaceae Family)
Language of Flowers: Rejuvenation / Change of Generations / Transfer

Nerine Komikado

Her otherworldly beauty builds a natural wall around her, making her a bit unapproachable. She likes to be spoiled but she does not show this side to just anybody.She is the vice president of the Council of Nicaea and childhood friends with the Council’s president, Yuzuriha. Their closeness is such that at one point there were unsubstantiated rumors that they were in a relationship. She belongs to the choir and is the club president. She is a bottomless pit when it comes to sweets.

Flower: Nerine (Amaryllis Family)
Language of flowers: Brilliant / Happy Memories / Radiance / Patience / Sheltered

Dalia Basquiat

One of the nuns at Saint Angraecum Academy, and the head teacher for Suoh's class. She is a mild and tolerant teacher, more like a laid-back older sister than a mother. Because she is a strict follower of Catholicism, she has a tendency to apply her religion to conversations with her students. She is also in charge of the ballet lessons for the first year students and is well trusted by them.

Flower: Dahlia (Asteraceae Family)
Language of Flowers: Fickle / Splendor / Elegant / Dignity / Uncertainty

Girl in the Wheelchair

A strange, antisocial girl who speaks directly and isn't afraid to be abrasive to get her way. Generally she likes to be by herself, though she will speak to others to tease them. Some view her as having qualities similar to a cat, both elusive and playful. She is known by other classmates as "the Girl in the Wheelchair" because only a few know her true name.

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